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Our B2B platform allows for product-specific filtering to provide you with qualified suppliers of food ingredients who can offer exactly what you are looking for!



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Abbreviation for "Lebensmittel Rohstoff Markt". Translates into food raw material market. Platform which connects food raw material sellers with potential buyers.

What our users say about us


At Viridi Foods, we have had positive experiences with both selling and buying raw materials. As a wholesaler for vegetable raw materials, we were able to find new customers and suppliers on LEROMA.


Thanks to LEROMA we've had the possibility to save our surpluses from being wasted and minimize costs. Our raw material was passed on to the cosmetics industry and could be processed successfully.


We came across Leroma at the Fi Connect 2020 virtual fair. We liked the idea of adding a new marketplace to our list of promotional platforms, and so we joined. Since then, Leroma has become the trusted gateway for OTI to reach out to genuine buyers from the Balkan region. Thanks to the entire Leroma team for their continuous support and good work.

Why you should add a new purchasing channel


Find the right food raw materials
quickly and easily based on product-specific criteria

Connect with professional manufacturers and suppliers
with just a few clicks

Get the best conditions
by comparing the food raw material offers

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Digitize your sales channels


Reach new customers and markets worldwide
by increasing your visibility

Increase your attractiveness
by publishing your product portfolio, specifications and certificates

Digitize your business
to process sales efficiently and quickly

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Target potential customers & connect with them directly

Food manufacturers are looking for food ingredients on a daily basis. What if you could approach the buyers who are specifically looking for your raw material?

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Act more sustainably

Say yes to the reduction of raw material waste! In addition to our search engine for food raw materials, we offer you the opportunity to bring your surplus quotas of food ingredients quickly and easily to the right interested party. With our Surplus Exchange you can make attractive occasional deals, keep storage costs low and provide liquidity.

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Where's the difference?

Search Commodity

Buy or sell regular food raw materials

Consistently available and regular materials

Subscription models for the seller

Surplus Exchange

Buy or sell surpluses of food raw materials

Occasional deals and one-time purchases

Seller pays 10% commission to LEROMA on successful deals

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